Would you commit treason to save a loved one?

A former embedded journalist posted in Afghanistan, Kat Beckman came back with stories and scars she carries every day of her life.

After a routine checkup, her mother-in-law is diagnosed with cancer. Months of appointments and treatments are brutalizing Kat’s family and her son, Jack. One day at the hospital, Kat is told that there is a cure for the devastating disease that is killing her mother-in-law, but it will cost.

Is Kat willing to pay the price?

Kat’s decision drags her into a dark maze of blackmail, murder and violence that forces her to choose between her family and her country.

As the missing pieces snap into place, Kat becomes more and more terrified by what she sees—and by what she must do to save her family and herself from the past.

Kat must make a dangerous decision and face her past to fight for a larger cause and go after the most perilous story she has ever pursued.

But what is she willing to risk, and how much closer must she get, to stop them and to save her family and her own life?

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Is it possible to live the abundant life Jesus promised?

You've done all the things that you are supposed to do as a Christian, but you are still miserable... Do you know what is making you feel that way? More importantly, do you know how to fix it?

In Miserable Christians, author Karen Kalis talks about the things that make Christians feel discontent and the steps it takes to live abundantly.

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About Karen...

Karen Kalis writes books. (You've probably figured that out already.) She has lived in the Midwest her whole life and has traveled throughout the US and abroad.

Her work experience includes both non-profit and for-profit marketing. She also has an MA in Creative Writing and Literature.