Five of My FAVE Books

We are going off the beaten path today! We have a long holiday weekend coming and I know I’m looking forward to grabbing a book and relaxing. Here are five of my most favorite books that I wanted to share with you: Quiet by Susan Cain. Truth be told, I’m an introvert. Any other INFJsRead more

Surprise! I was inspired by the Olympics.

  Over the last couple of weeks, I have to admit becoming an Olympics junkie. I never intended this to happen. As a matter of fact, I told my husband that I didn’t want to watch any of it. Who needs a steady diet of gymnastics and swimming for two weeks (along with a bunchRead more

Get At Those Goals

There are days I look at my calendar and I wonder what month we are in.  Either I’m moving really fast or the days and months have shortened from 24 hours down to a vapor. Anyway, it hit me this week that we are just about halfway through the year.  How can that be?  LikeRead more

Finding the Path to Purpose

I posted in several Facebook groups last week this question, “A question for you. . . Do you know your purpose? If not, do you know how to find it?” I had tons of responses – from people recommending books to me to people telling me that my own purpose would find me.  (Funny, that’sRead more

Time Tactics for Side Hustlers

  Whether your full time job is working in an office or taking care of the kids, finding time to move your side hustle business forward can be, well. . . hard.  Long days at work can sap your energy and trying to work again on your side hustle may seem nearly impossible. Wait!  Don’tRead more

Try One More Time

“Courage doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid. Courage means you don’t let fear stop you.” ~Bethany Hamilton   When my son was little, I put my husband in charge of teaching our son how to ride his bike.  Gary (my husband) is a total jock-athlete type, so I thought it would be no problem.  ARead more

Your PB Opens Doors

[Quick note – my NEW 4 part Success Steps video series is up on the website at  Register there and get some great training!  Feel free to share!] Over the weekend, I went to the gym like I normally do, to do one of my normal workouts on a normal workout day.  I gotRead more

Time to Take a Walk

  Every business has issues.  Mine does.  Yours does.  How can you deal with the issues? Take a walk. Yup.  Get out of the office and away from the problems.  You will find clarity or at least get a bit of space around it.  You might even want  to take a notebook with you. That’sRead more

Mental Clutter

Do you have a junk drawer.  Okay, dumb question.  Of course you do! Our minds can be a lot like that.  Sometimes we are in the space that was designed by one of those expensive, Italian-looking closet organizer groups with the fancy shelves and organizer bins.  We are working great, things are going well. OtherRead more

Get Your Head in Order

  So. . . at the end of my day the other day (it was a Monday), I had tense shoulders, the beginning of a headache and a generally crabby attitude.  I HATE spending any time feeling like that.  I looked back over my day to see what the source of the problem was.  The dayRead more