5 Reasons Your Online Sales Are Suffering

I stopped in at Ulta last weekend and guess what I saw. . . the first holiday displays going up. What? (Seriously, does this annoy you as much as me?) Seems waaayyy too early, but they know what they are doing! What I have found with my clients that that they don’t always understand whatRead more

My Top 3 Ways to Identify Your Ideal Client

Have you ever been in a busy restaurant waiting to meet someone for dinner, but you don’t know what they look like?  Challenging, right?  That’s what happens to your business (but on a MUCH bigger scale) when you don’t know who your ideal client is. Here are my top 3 ways to identify your idealRead more

My Top 3 Ways to Identify Your Niche

My husband and I like to spend time on our boat in the summer.  Since we just put it in the water a couple of weeks ago, I had a chance to look at the bottom of it while my husband was working on it.  As any boater or sailor knows, one of the mostRead more

One Way to Eliminate Marketing Meltdown

I know so many people who go into their office needing to write social media posts and blogs to promote their biz and have no idea what to write about. C’mon, tell me the truth – is that you??  (Smile. . .) I totally get it.  There is so much to get done in aRead more

Capturing Clients with Facebook

  One of the biggest problems I hear is, “I need more clients!”  Trying to figure out HOW to do that is the real challenge, right? Facebook can be a great solution.  And, you can get more leads without having to spend cash on ads.  Always fantastic for the bottom line. Here’s some quick andRead more

Niching – A Case Study

  Last weekend, I was on a flight to Philly.  (I wasn’t supposed to go to Philly, it was one of those re-route deals.  That’s a story for another time!)  At any rate, I ended up talking to a guy in my row because I had accidentally taken his window seat.  After a lot ofRead more

Copywriting Clarity — Using “So That”

  I work with lots of clients who want to share their expertise, their story, their products and their knowledge.  Truthfully, they can get a little frustrated (read: CRABBY!) when what they are putting out isn’t getting a return.  To which I say, “Did you offer a so that?” A what? A “so that” isRead more

Basics of Marketing

For so many people, marketing their small business is a mystery.  They wonder how people ever get the followings they do on social media or build their email lists into active tribes.  Knowing the basics of marketing is the key.  Here they are: Website Blog Social Media Video Email Follow-Up Gotta have that website upRead more