5 Reasons Your Online Sales Are Suffering

I stopped in at Ulta last weekend and guess what I saw. . . the first holiday displays going up. What? (Seriously, does this annoy you as much as me?) Seems waaayyy too early, but they know what they are doing! What I have found with my clients that that they don’t always understand whatRead more

Capturing Clients with Facebook

  One of the biggest problems I hear is, “I need more clients!”  Trying to figure out HOW to do that is the real challenge, right? Facebook can be a great solution.  And, you can get more leads without having to spend cash on ads.  Always fantastic for the bottom line. Here’s some quick andRead more

Be Generous

One of the things that has struck me the most as I was putting together my interview summit (www.themillionairemama.com) was how generous the experts were with their tips.  You probably don’t know this, but none of them got paid.  Not a dime!  They were just happy to provide information to help people break out ofRead more

Staying on Plan

  My dad had some amazing sayings that have really propelled me to where I am.  One of my favorites is, “make a plan and work the plan.” I know there are days when staying on plan seems dismal, boring and fruitless.  Change can make things so exciting!  But, if you keep changing and neverRead more

Do Your Best, Forget the Rest

A couple years ago I was doing the P90X program by Tony Horton.  Over and over again, he said (of course at the moment I couldn’t complete an exercise), “do your best and forget the rest.” What a great thought for every entrepreneur. We can get completely stalled out by things that didn’t go perfectly. Read more

Shortcuts to Success?

Make $10,000 in One Week! Fill Your Client Roster in 30 Days! Spend $100 to Make $100,000! Despite the titles above, there are no shortcuts to success.  Ask any entrepreneur about the first three years of their business and you will see that it took a lot of work, effort and commitment to get theirRead more