How Will YOUR 2016 End?

I was sitting on the floor this week, working on my fourth quarter planning and I realized how close we are to the end of the year.  There’s literally only three months left! I’m wondering how 2016 will end for you? Will you meet your goals or will it be a miss? I get howRead more

Curry “Played Small in a Big Moment”

  ESPN’s Ryen Russillo said in an interview on Sports Center this morning about the last of the NBA finals games, “Curry played small in a big moment.” As a lifelong Clevelander, I’d be lying if I told you I was unhappy about this. . . Like Steph, entrepreneurs have these moments.  Times when weRead more

SMART Goals Not Smart

SMART goals. . . humbug!! Most coaches – me included – were taught that SMART goals are simply the best way for us to get our people to the next level.  In case you don’t remember this handy tid from your training, SMART stands for: Specific Measurable Actionable Realistic Timely Sounds good on the faceRead more

Get At Those Goals

There are days I look at my calendar and I wonder what month we are in.  Either I’m moving really fast or the days and months have shortened from 24 hours down to a vapor. Anyway, it hit me this week that we are just about halfway through the year.  How can that be?  LikeRead more

Crafting a Summer Schedule that WORKS for Mompreneurs

  Summer. . . For some people, summer is the time to rest and relax with one of those fancy-schmancy umbrella drinks by the pool.  For mompreneurs, the challenge of having the kiddos home may totally throw a monkey wrench in how you manage your day. I get it. For years while other moms wouldRead more

Leave Your J-O-B

Hey there! I just had a great chat with my colleague Joleene Moody of who is doing an AMAZING four part series on how to leave your J-O-B and live a life that you REALLY love.  A topic near and dear to my heart! I was lucky enough to be one of the four people thatRead more

Raising Your Business from the Dead

  A failed business.  Ugh, right?  That is not the goal if you have started a business, invested time and energy into it.  If your business is struggling, here are some concrete things that you can do to raise your business from the dead: What is your business NOT doing? If you consider that yourRead more

Faith in Business

  A post I did a couple of days ago addressed doubt.  Now it is time to understand the flipside – faith.  It is pretty simple, really. . . Do you need faith to start a business?  Yes. Do you need faith to get through the hard times?  Yes. Will faith help you to seeRead more

Staying on Plan

  My dad had some amazing sayings that have really propelled me to where I am.  One of my favorites is, “make a plan and work the plan.” I know there are days when staying on plan seems dismal, boring and fruitless.  Change can make things so exciting!  But, if you keep changing and neverRead more

Do Your Best, Forget the Rest

A couple years ago I was doing the P90X program by Tony Horton.  Over and over again, he said (of course at the moment I couldn’t complete an exercise), “do your best and forget the rest.” What a great thought for every entrepreneur. We can get completely stalled out by things that didn’t go perfectly. Read more