Be the CEO. RUN Your Business.

I have run across so many business owners recently who are complaining about their businesses and their lives.  They are stuck.  They are emailing me constantly and can’t seem to get moving forward. I started thinking about this.  What is the problem?  Why so much mulling?  Why is it taking so long for business ownersRead more

The 6 Best Social Media Posting Habits

If you have a small business, then using your social media can be a great way to develop new leads and take your operation to the next level.  Here are the six best social media habits if you decide to delve into that space: Post regularly. Consistency is key.  Better to not have a presenceRead more

Why Aren’t LinkedIn Summaries Finished?

    Am I the only one who has noticed that most LinkedIn summaries aren’t complete, if they are done at all?  Why is this?  Just my two cents on this issue. . . If you are going to take the time to use your LinkedIn profile, then it is a good idea to haveRead more

How Can You Write About My Business?

I get that question a lot.  My business involves writing about so many different topics – everything from fishing lures to paddle boarding to real estate and commercial chemicals used in food processing.  (That’s just in the last two days!) Realistically, I can’t be an expert in everything.  But, you aren’t hiring me to beRead more

Staying Fresh.

As someone who is pretty much totally right-brained, it can be hard to stay fresh.  Creativity is certainly a muscle that needs to be flexed on a regular basis, but just like any exercise, when you constantly use it the same way, other areas of your life get ignored.  It’s like the guy at theRead more

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