Finding Your Profitable Niche

Having a niche is all the buzz right now, but in reality, finding your niche has been around for generations.  Think about when Ray Crocker started McDonald’s.  He didn’t offer every food under the moon, he specialized in hamburgers and fries.  That created a stream of profits that have lasted for decades.  The same isRead more

Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Work

  I remember being in elementary school and the mantra from so many of the teachers was “keep your eyes on your own work.” The (sad) truth is that I was a total nerd so that wasn’t a problem for me. Comparison is something that is rampant in our society.  Think of how women compareRead more

Getting Traction on Facebook for Coaches, Solopreneurs and Bloggers

  Your business is on Facebook, right?   At this juncture of the techno-revolution seems like everybody is!  The problem is that with ALL of the “everybodies” out there on Facebook, you may be hearing crickets.  There are some easy-peasy ways for coaches, solopreneurs and bloggers to get some traction Spend $5 bucks to get aRead more