Finding the Path to Purpose

I posted in several Facebook groups last week this question, “A question for you. . . Do you know your purpose? If not, do you know how to find it?” I had tons of responses – from people recommending books to me to people telling me that my own purpose would find me.  (Funny, that’sRead more

Niching – A Case Study

  Last weekend, I was on a flight to Philly.  (I wasn’t supposed to go to Philly, it was one of those re-route deals.  That’s a story for another time!)  At any rate, I ended up talking to a guy in my row because I had accidentally taken his window seat.  After a lot ofRead more

Time Tactics for Side Hustlers

  Whether your full time job is working in an office or taking care of the kids, finding time to move your side hustle business forward can be, well. . . hard.  Long days at work can sap your energy and trying to work again on your side hustle may seem nearly impossible. Wait!  Don’tRead more

Social Media is Not Your Biz BFF

  Social Media Isn’t Your Biz BFF Unless you live on a remote island somewhere, you probably have social media.   We depend on Facebook, Twitter and a myriad of other platforms to help us “connect.”  Experts tell us to do millions of different things to attract traffic to our sites and we pride ourselves onRead more

Try One More Time

“Courage doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid. Courage means you don’t let fear stop you.” ~Bethany Hamilton   When my son was little, I put my husband in charge of teaching our son how to ride his bike.  Gary (my husband) is a total jock-athlete type, so I thought it would be no problem.  ARead more

Crafting a Summer Schedule that WORKS for Mompreneurs

  Summer. . . For some people, summer is the time to rest and relax with one of those fancy-schmancy umbrella drinks by the pool.  For mompreneurs, the challenge of having the kiddos home may totally throw a monkey wrench in how you manage your day. I get it. For years while other moms wouldRead more