WHY You Resist

I’ve been a bit curious about resistance lately.  In my mind, resistance is that feeling I get of knowing I SHOULD do something, but really don’t want to, even though I know that it will have a positive result on my mind, business and health. Hip openers in yoga, anyone? I did a bit ofRead more

Your PB Opens Doors

[Quick note – my NEW 4 part Success Steps video series is up on the website at www.karenkalis.com.  Register there and get some great training!  Feel free to share!] Over the weekend, I went to the gym like I normally do, to do one of my normal workouts on a normal workout day.  I gotRead more

Time Management for Your BEST Day

    I did an experiment recently.  When my son went to college and I no longer HAD to get up at the crack of dawn to get my workout in and get into the office, I stopped. Sounds fun, right? Well, after several months of what I call the “college schedule” of watching NetflixRead more

Your Biz Starter Checklist

    So many people have asked me for a list of what needs to get done to start your biz.  A bit of brainstorming and here’s a list of 37 things to put on your list.  (They go quick, I promise) Build a website Build a blog Define your side hustle income goals DefineRead more