Basics of Marketing

For so many people, marketing their small business is a mystery.  They wonder how people ever get the followings they do on social media or build their email lists into active tribes.  Knowing the basics of marketing is the key.  Here they are: Website Blog Social Media Video Email Follow-Up Gotta have that website upRead more

Time to Take a Walk

  Every business has issues.  Mine does.  Yours does.  How can you deal with the issues? Take a walk. Yup.  Get out of the office and away from the problems.  You will find clarity or at least get a bit of space around it.  You might even want  to take a notebook with you. That’sRead more

Mental Clutter

Do you have a junk drawer.  Okay, dumb question.  Of course you do! Our minds can be a lot like that.  Sometimes we are in the space that was designed by one of those expensive, Italian-looking closet organizer groups with the fancy shelves and organizer bins.  We are working great, things are going well. OtherRead more

What My Dogs Have Taught Me About Being an Entrepreneur

  So. . .  our family has two dogs. They are Australian Cattle Dogs – herding dogs by nature.  Cody and Junior are great friends to me.  Doesn’t matter what kind of day I’m having.  They are there.  I’ve gotten some great entrepreneurial lessons from them.  Check these out: They are present.  No matter whatRead more

Should Solopreneurs Really Be SOLO?

Love this quote.  As an entrepreneur, I have had my fair share of false starts and failures.  The biggest contributor is trying to go it alone. I see this all the time.  Clients come to me having attempted to build their business without the sounding board of a coach or mentor and wonder why theyRead more

Get Your Head in Order

  So. . . at the end of my day the other day (it was a Monday), I had tense shoulders, the beginning of a headache and a generally crabby attitude.  I HATE spending any time feeling like that.  I looked back over my day to see what the source of the problem was.  The dayRead more

The Trick to Niche

  I don’t have a niche. I don’t have a niche. I don’t have a niche. Does this sound like the chatter going through your mind?  Niches are important because it gives someone to sell your products and services to, people who are part of your target and who want to purchase what you haveRead more

Quick ‘n’ Dirty –Start Your Business Now!

One of the biggest challenges I see people facing is that they WANT to start a business, but they get so totally hung up on the details that they never move forward.  Here’s a quick ‘n’ dirty checklist of three things you can do to get your business going. Start a blog. Most pros willRead more

Is Procrastination Your Friend?

You know, we always think of procrastination as a BAD thing.  Putting off that doctor’s appointment, the visit to the accountant, cleaning out the garage. . . the list goes on and on!  But is it really a bad thing?? I learned from Cary David Richards ( that the answer is no. Procrastination can: ShowRead more