Faith in Business

  A post I did a couple of days ago addressed doubt.  Now it is time to understand the flipside – faith.  It is pretty simple, really. . . Do you need faith to start a business?  Yes. Do you need faith to get through the hard times?  Yes. Will faith help you to seeRead more

Entrepreneurial Doubt

  Have you ever woken up with a pit in your stomach?  Oh my gosh, I have!  That creeping feeling of doubt that says that you will never get where you want to go can be an unwelcome friend when you are starting your own business. The good news is that if you are feelingRead more

3 Simple Truths – Starting a Business

  Starting a business might be your dream.  Like any journey, knowing what to expect along the road can be really helpful.  Here are three simple truths to starting a business that will help you to get acclimated to being the boss instead of being bossed around. YOU have to set the goals and executeRead more

Staying on Plan

  My dad had some amazing sayings that have really propelled me to where I am.  One of my favorites is, “make a plan and work the plan.” I know there are days when staying on plan seems dismal, boring and fruitless.  Change can make things so exciting!  But, if you keep changing and neverRead more

Do Your Best, Forget the Rest

A couple years ago I was doing the P90X program by Tony Horton.  Over and over again, he said (of course at the moment I couldn’t complete an exercise), “do your best and forget the rest.” What a great thought for every entrepreneur. We can get completely stalled out by things that didn’t go perfectly. Read more

Shortcuts to Success?

Make $10,000 in One Week! Fill Your Client Roster in 30 Days! Spend $100 to Make $100,000! Despite the titles above, there are no shortcuts to success.  Ask any entrepreneur about the first three years of their business and you will see that it took a lot of work, effort and commitment to get theirRead more

Mindful Entrepreneurship

  Staying mindful as an entrepreneur can be an almost impossible task.  Phone calls, emails, systems to set up, products and services to develop – it can almost seem like it is too much at times.  While the list seems to be never ending, there is a good reason to stay with the task atRead more

86 a Stale Job

Are you feeling about as stale as a piece of month old bread? The beginning of the New Year is just around the corner.  It is the time that all of us (me included!) think about where we have been and where we are going.  There are times when the only solution to a stale workRead more